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At Sealy Kids Dentistry, we hire only board-certified pediatric dentists to care for the littlest smiles! These specialized doctors have diverse skill sets, amassed at some of the most prestigious dental schools in the nation. In addition to general pediatric dentistry, they have vast experience performing specialty treatments, such as frenectomies, oral sedation and anesthesiology, orthodontics, and much more. They are not just general dentists who happen to care for children - their entire careers have been based solely in pediatrics!

Our pediatric dentists are active members of the following dental associations:

In their free time, they stay active in various community charity roles. All are committed to acquiring continuing education in various phases of dentistry to better serve their patients!

Meet Dr. Wesley Zboril - Owner of Sealy Kids Dentistry

I attended the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio and graduated in 1982. The mandate for that school was to bring dental care to rural communities and I have been following that mandate for more than 35 years. My goal has always been to provide the best care to the people of Austin and surrounding counties and I began bringing specialist to Sealy shortly after opening my practice.

As Sealy has grown it has become possible to realize the dream of providing full-time specialist care to the youth of Sealy in the form of a combined pediatric and orthodontic office. Our pediatric dentists are able to treat a wide variety of dental problems in a safe, comfortable way. Being afraid of the dentist is something that usually begins at an early age but with doctors specifically trained in treating kids and keeping visits comfortable, dental phobias and the related pain and health problems they create can be a thing of the past. This is why Sealy Kids Dentistry is here.

For the older kids and young (and young at heart) adults, when it is time to correct bad bites or improve their smile, Sealy Orthodontics gives families the convenience of being able to keep travel and time or missing school or work to a minimum. Avoiding having to repeatedly drive out of town for care is a great savings of time, stress, and money. These two beautiful offices with their great doctors are all part of our mission of "creating beautiful smiles." I invite you to come in and enjoy them!

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